‘Marriage a la Mode’ by William Hogarth 18th century set of 6 – SOLD

An original set of six engravings of “Marriage a la Mode” by William Hogarth. Crisp and complete printed just as Hogarth finished his renown series of satirical paintings, Hogarth himself oversaw the printing of this set (he often did his own printing for this he chose J & J Boydell publishers of London and Richard Earlom engraver). From Plate 1 (1795) – Plate 6 (1800); these engravings capture the culture and overabundance of the high society of Hogarth’s time that he often portrayed.
Marriage a la Mode is his most noted series (quite a satirical play on aristocratic society).

This full set has been immaculately framed in Hogarth frames with museum quality non reflective protective glass.